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60 million consumers: Food without gluten is bad for health?

Food without gluten is bad for health?

"Products without gluten not healthy for your health as 60 million consumers without gluten: a wave that especially lightens the wallet; gluten-free is not the best for health ." To believe the media wave surging this morning following the publication of the article 60 million consumers, the gluten-free would be damaging to health. This new information may cause confusion in the nebulous world of nutrition. Let us see the object of the crime ...

Nothing original in this new. Replacing conventional industrial products (pastry, chips, pizza, bread, etc.) with the same products without gluten, is to take the problem of nutrition upside , as we have done it for years with light products. it then seeks to replace the said culprit by any means. Gluten helps give elasticity of starch products, the bread dough, for example. Manufacturers have therefore seized this technological advantage for decades, and even today, to improve the texture of composite products and, of course, profitability. You want to remove the gluten without changing your diet and continue to consume products ? industrial Do not be surprised then that manufacturers replace it with something else, especially on an expanding market: sugar, emulsifiers, thickeners, acidifies, etc. The list is long and far from most nutritionally beneficial. It's obvious. The media then enjoying this ad to shoot on sight on the wave of gluten-free. But in reading the titles, the shortcut is sometimes caricatured. Argument falling timely in refractories fashion gluten-free or supporters of the traditional Parisian white wand. Do we mistake-not.

The article makes an inventory - very rightly - of poor nutritional quality of products industrial gluten. However not put all eggs in one basket. There are many raw, unprocessed foods alternative to wheat or gluten generally rice, buckwheat, quinoa, beans, millet, potatoes, pea flour, corn, rice, etc. These foods are absolutely not concerned by Article 60 million consumers, which is unfortunately not relayed by the media wave.

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We always come back to the same conclusion: take care of their diet is primarily to consume unprocessed, raw and premises. Simple common sense.
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