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Everything you've always wanted to know about burial insurance

You've probably heard and read much about the burial insurance . Or maybe not, what is certain is that many of the things said are not entirely accurate. And you do not always have an expert on hand to ask, so we will try to resolve doubts.

Talking about the death of yourself or a family member is not a pleasant subject, in fact usually avoid, but inevitably, at some point we will have to consider a personal or family level. There you have it all planned and orderly when the time comes. In fact it is a situation that the Spanish have very well resolved, the fact is that more than 50% has hired an burial insurance , and that's over 20.5 million people.

Something you probably already have heard is that this is a family insurance , are named in the policy is contracted for all family members, usually for those who live in the same house. It is very common that parents hire the burial insurance and include their minor children. Over time they become emancipated and continue to policyholders or on their parents' policies or hiring insurance to include your new family unit.

One of the most common comments you can hear about burial insurance is only interested in families with few resources . Nothing is further from reality. Probably originally maybe so, but now no. In fact according to the latest data published in the social memory of the insurance , which produces UNESPA , the management of insurance companies, in 2014 the penetration of insurance burial or deaths , in the homes of more than 3,000 € income of the main breadwinner, exceeded forty percent. A very similar to that of households in the previous installment figure is 2,500 € to 3,000 €. Therefore it is insurance that is contracted by any family.

These data are linked to the fact that important hedges burial insurance are not only the costs of the funeral service , ie all partners burial as well as transfers necessary to celebrate in the place of residence of the deceased. Otherwise you are sure has its principal and most valued aspect is the support being provided, the orientation in all the necessary paperwork, even after burial place not only in the economic aspect. It is clear, in the case of solving efforts, assistance to streamline procedures and paperwork, no differences between rich and poor. We all like we facilitate things.

And besides all this the burial insurance is one of the least constraints There, and act quickly and effectively, is in fact a safe which is operating the 24 hours a day , anywhere in the world and a called into action, responding in a few minutes with the necessary assistance to the family. He even take over as unpublished how the thief who recently died in Asturias cases, and has been covered by insurance that his father had hired and in which it was included.

The burial insurance is only for when you die. Neither it is true. Every day this type of insurance covers more benefits that can be used for life insurance and for all family members . These services respond to technological advances, changing customs, the arrival of immigrants , etc. Especially we can find aspects relating to the quality of life, health and accident coverage , so they are a very interesting solution. You can consult the insurance policy and see how you positively surprised the amount of services it offers. You can also find this previous article.

Another issue that often commented upon is that older can not be secured, ie if we think of our family, the case where the grandfather does not have this type of insurance, Could insure? The answer is yes . It can be secured in a form of burial insurance called a single premium that is paid once and is covered for life.

You see almost everything that may happen in relation to death is solved by burial insurance , one of the most implanted insurance in Spain and that sometimes arise doubts by unknown. And sure some will have become clear, if you still have more questions you should go to the experts, and who knows more about warranties, policies, coverage, etc. It is especially your insurance agent . Talk to him to avoid being left with doubts.

At the end, we still have Burial insurance!

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