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Fort Marketing Group World Wide Casino opening and expanding its online business

Fort Marketing Group, the holding company for online business with greater acceptance of the moment, has announced the opening of a new business line with World Wide Casino, a web entertainment and games that joins the list of businesses inside and outside Internet that manages the group.

World Wide Casino offers a wide selection of games such as slot games, table games, racing games and a variety of sporting events where you can place bets online. The platform offers a wide variety of sporting events where to bet; more than twenty sports football, tennis, baseball, boxing or hockey.

Responsible for Communication FORT group, Josep Angel Colomés commented in the journal UniversoMLM issues on the opening of the web and notes that " World Wide Casino was one of the projects planned for 2016 , to have a new foundation on which stand business growth of the group . The Fort online casino group is already a reality and joy for the company and its affiliates, and clearing any doubts about the ability of our team and the future of our companies, "he says.

The online casino

World Wide Casino play is very simple, you just need to register and provide personal data. Once this is done, it must deposit funds via payment processors enabled in this case 2ClickPay and short time also 2Pay4You. You can also do this by bank transfer. World Wide Casino, has licensed data processing for gambling issued in Costa Rica to EAFORT GROUP SL (registration number 3102687442).

To become a member of World Wide Casino you need to register by opening a user account. The company only allows one account per user and it must be at least 18 years. You can become a member anyone in and out of Costa Rica, where the platform is the legal registration.

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The Fort group and business sectors

World Wide Casino is the third proposal for the Fort online business group , next to Fort Ad Pays-a popular platform evolving profit sharing based on digital- and Enkaizen advertising - a training platform that integrates a red-, currently they succeed on the Internet. Besides these, Fort develops projects in traditional sectors such as real estate; booming as those related to gold and pawn shops and other technical as ISO quality certification for companies. Fort offers the opportunity for entrepreneurs and businessmen to participate in its business, through The Business Shop an investment firm unrelated to Network Marketing or other business networking.

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