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Go Vacation Without Spending Big Money

Go Vacation....

And you've decided where you will spend your next vacation ? You might say, "vacation? therefore crisis, have very little cash ... ", but know that will not only this year, enjoy moments of pleasure and happiness, if you are doing not need.

however wherever to start? Well, let's give you some tips. Stay tuned!

Start by planning, where he liked to spend your holidays, whether inside or outside the country, making a trip to the foreigner. Then, start looking for the best travel packages for holidays 2011. Be aware that the travel agencies are offering various packages both here in Portugal and abroad, with many promotions, discounts and offers. Find the best prices with the best payment options that suit their conditions. Think the important thing is to go on vacation without spending a lot, so do not do something you regret later go.

Take the opportunity to take your family, children, friends, children, girlfriend and enjoy moments of pleasure, without spending much. Spend July holiday in the Algarve or enjoy the snow season in Switzerland, or perhaps spend the summer enjoying the intense heat, which makes the wonderful beaches of Rio de Janeiro. But the best thing is just to mark your trip and make your reservation for now, because you can find packages with great deals for the upcoming holiday, offering tours or airline tickets with accommodation in excellent hotels and can enjoy beautiful landscapes and enjoy the intense pleasure moments.

So already decided? Goes to where? If you chose to stay here in Portugal, we did well, because our country has a sightseeing tour full of endless possibilities, with fantastic places, which certainly will lead you to spend unforgettable moments. Since the Miño, the center, to the Algarve, there is a variety of places that you can visit and then spend your holidays. I will then suggest you some options! Ready to travel?

Holidays in Portugal

The crisis is everywhere, but the Algarve seems to be well and healthy! This place full of history and poetry, reveals an immeasurable source of beaches and beautiful seascapes, where you can spend quality time. One of the main places is Albufeira, which was once a simple village and that has now become a strategic tourist spot, both nationally and internationally. Its beaches reflect the richness and beauty for those who like to catch the sun in the morning and enjoy sea baths in the afternoon. There are several hotels and B & Bs where you can, stay there and spend your holidays without worries, enjoying the best that exists in our country. We suggest the Aquamarina and Adriana Beach Club, the Club Hotel Riu Guarana 4 ****, D'Água Eyes, which from € 78.00 per person / day, you can spend a few days living the vacation of your dreams, at an affordable price.

If you want to visit the center of the country, go to Cascais, where you can enjoy a seaside luxury resort with sandy beaches and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Added to all this, contemplate a rich historical heritage and a majestic its natural park landscape of Sintra - Cascais, where every day there are night animations, which will certainly bring you and your family there, true happiness moments. If by chance is sports lover, this place puts at your disposal, fantastic golf courses and a coastline ideal for sailing and other water sports.

You can also choose the north of the country, which will certainly have an unforgettable experience, which will mark the holiday in 2011. If you like the countryside, green, rural environment, then surely will be surprised to visit the Quinta do Pomarinho in Arouca, enjoying the leisure and rest times, this place brings. The house of the nineteenth century is a landmark of tradition of this place, covered by beautiful this place offers. For only € 65.00 per person / day, can provide you and your family, a charm and unforgettable holiday.

Make your choice! Whatever your choice, you shall surely live unforgettable moments, the best that this country has.

Holidays in Brazil

For those who prefer the stranger, for those who like to know new places, new cultures, then we have for you also some suggestions that will bring you the desire to visit again. Where to start? Have you done your bags, do not forget your passport, toothpaste, coat ...

Well, the first thing to keep in mind is to look for a place to spend your vacation, consider the climate, currency, language, finally get as much information on the destination, in order to avoid with the necessary for travel and stay. Go and "surf" a bit on the Internet, see the travel agencies, offers and promotions and finally just check your reservation. May say, " but now mark my reservation, when we are still so far from the summer?" Yes, because if you leave for the day, can not find prices within their condition and then be disappointed with himself, could not give you and your family a well deserved and unforgettable holiday.

Let's see, our suggestions. Summer, warm place, beaches, good food ... you know it's not? Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana beach. An excellent place with exotic and engaging environment where you can enjoy a sea and landscape full of energy of a people, that invites you to spend moments of great joy and peace. You can enjoy the Brazilian coast, this place offers, bathe in water, along with his wife and family, finally enjoy what this place offers best. The prices? Well, the prices vary depending on the number of people, first see if there is a possibility of making a low-cost travel, where the values ​​are much lower. See several travel agencies and decide today spend an unforgettable holiday. Some agencies, due to the crisis is to lower prices for these locations, an average of € 553.00 per person, with some discounts and promotions. In fact, there are now several possibilities, so you can spend a dream holiday with your family and friends. Enjoy and live the vacation you always dreamed of!

Break 2011 In Snow

Like the cold, rather Snow White is ski lover, mountains, cozy warm a fireplace, afternoon tea, then we suggest you go to the Alps in Switzerland, where you can spend the holidays you always dreamed of, but with cold, brrrr ... !!!

This country has the best hotels and World Snow hostels, surrounded by a cold and humid climate, Switzerland will surprise you with its landscapes, an unforgettable and poetic charm. Surrounded by a mountain range, the Alps, this country offers its roots and culinary traditions, as well as its wine, a sweet and unique flavor. Celebrate for its cheese and chocolates, Switzerland, offers itself a single call for an amazing vacation full of adventure and romance. If you like snow skiing, you will certainly want to visit some snow resorts in the Alps, Zermatt-Matterhorn in Valais, where you can admire the famous Matterhorn mountain. You will be surprised with the stunning scenery that this place offers. Moreover, in this area there are numerous restaurants where you can, enjoy the gastronomic cuisine Switzerland. May say, " how much will I spend?" We tell you, for just € 450.00 per person, with some promotions and discounts for children, can become reality, the vacation you always dreamed of . Do not forget, take your coat, your hat and your gloves, because it's too cold!

Ski holidays

Here were some suggestions to go on holiday at an affordable price, without having to worry about tomorrow. Remember, do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, book your holiday and make your dreams a reality. After the crisis can even be good for some, go on holiday and pay little.

Happy holidays to you and your whole family!
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