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How to drive in bad weather ago

When the weather changes are also changing road conditions. Both rain and mist or fog can affect visibility and operation of the car. These conditions also affect the risks of possible accidents . Sometimes you just need a bit of caution to reach your destination safely. Other times it's just as important to recognize when it is too dangerous to go and should stay home.
Then a summary of weather conditions that are bad to handle and what you can do to drive safely. In all these situations it is good, as a general rule, driving slow enough to take time to stop.

Driving in the rain

  • Keep tires inflated to the proper pressure and make sure they are not too worn
  • Turn on lights and defroster (defrost)
  • Avoid puddles, as they may be covering potholes
  • If your car is sliding on water pavement, do not brake or turn the wheel. Stop accelerating until you feel the tires make contact with the road.
  • If there is no drive through flood water. Only 6 inches are needed so that the water reaches the bottom of most passenger cars.
  • If storms are severe, do not go near the power lines, trees or other objects that could fall on your car
  • Stay inside your car if there is lightning

Driving in the snow

  • Keep tires inflated to the proper pressure and make sure they are not too worn
  • Clean the ice and snow from your car
  • Let triple the distance you normally need to curb
  • Avoid braking suddenly
  • If you have no brakes ABS (anti-lock), press the pedal when your car starts to skid
  • Be careful on bridges and elevated tracks as they tend to freeze first
  • No cross or crossed the snow plows and trucks

Driving in fog

  • Drive lowlights
  • Slow down before reaching the fog
  • Turn on the defroster (defrost) and wipers
  • Open the window and listen for traffic you can not see
  • Do not extend his sight more than he can. If you can not stop before the farthest point you can see on the pavement, you need to slow down.

Take care your life, Safe drive!

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