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How to fight the spider veins of the legs

80% of women have spider veins apparent somewhere in the body, most commonly in the legs. Spider veins are very thin dilated veins that are no more than 1 mm in diameter, the thickness of a human hair and are purplish or reddish. primarily affect women because of estrogen and its main cause is hereditary. Pregnancy, weight gain, sedentary lifestyle, use of oral contraceptives and smoking also favor its development.

The problem is purely aesthetic and brings no health risk. Furthermore, the vases are not transformed into veins. To address the problem, it indicates two types of procedure:

-escleroterapia: the injection of sclerosing agents in the little vase for it to dry
-o laser beam applied to the dilated vein to burn the vessel. This procedure is less painful and more indicated in cases of spider veins with plenty of color.

The ideal treatment is to combine the two procedures in alternate sessions. The recommended number of sessions depends on each case and the amount of spider veins. In general, it is recommended is 2 to 20 sessions.

These treatments do not permanently solve the problem, you can go back to annoy after a while. Therefore, the ideal is to prevent the conditions that trigger the problem.

To prevent Spider Veins emergence, follow these guidelines:

Take only contraceptive with medical advice. The synthetic estrogen has a direct effect on the blood vessel wall and ignite them, causing the dilated veins;
Do aerobic exercise, because activates circulation;
Avoid too much weight because it dilates the veins and increases the amount of spider veins;
Do not smoke. The tobacco leaves dry skin and increases the likelihood of thrombus formation;
Control weight. The accumulation of abdominal fat increases the local pressure and hinders the return of blood;
Do not overdo it in high heels. Sandals with heels higher than 7 cm change the physiology of walking and contract the calf muscle, hindering the movement of return of blood;
Never use cigarettes and contraception, because the combination is dangerous and can increase the chances of venous thrombosis.
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