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How to gain weight healthfully

To gain weight without neglecting health, the key lies in the choice of food and the right mix in the run-up to the practice of physical activity
Kilos win is easy, but doing it in a healthy way is not so. At least not for everyone. Getting it right means increase in lean body mass and water reservoirs to levels provided, and adjust the maximum percentage of total body fat. The scale is not the best tool to inform us of this fact, nor is the BMI (body mass index). Will require a more complete analysis of body composition estimated to hear how the evolution of weight gain. The challenge for nutritionists when designing meal plans is that the weight gained is by increasing muscle rather than fat gain. And the key is not only in the choice of food but in the right combination. The following five keys are provided to gain weight and muscle rather than fat.

Five Keys to gain weight and muscle, but not fat

It is easy to gain weight at the expense of increasing the percentage of body fat while having more muscle mass is more difficult. You may think to gain weight you need to eat a great deal more, but the food should be nothing exaggerated if the nutritional plan is well prepared both food choices and their combination. These are the basic tips:

Complex carbohydrates at every meal: Carbohydrates are the basic energy source of the organism. In addition, when included in the diet in perspective, allow food proteins fulfill their main function is to serve the growth and repair of muscles and tissues, rather than being used as an energy source. All daily intake (breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea and dinner) should incorporate, as a rule, any food that is a source of complex carbohydrates.
At lunch and dinner, the alternation is given by the integral and derivative cereals (rice, couscous, pasta ...) and legumes. The bread can be used as a supplement , not as main food of these menus.
In other shots (breakfast, lunch and snacks), the presence of complex carbohydrates is solved by alternating the following foods: muesli, cereals (other than corn flakes, rice flakes are, oats, millet, buckwheat ...), cereal bars, nuts and dried fruit (you can also do at home), sandwiches and healthy snacks , soups soaked bread, specialty breads (trail mix, granola, nuts and raisins, multigrain, seed ...), toast, etc.

Protein: Quality rather than quantity The proteins are the nutrients that serve the quintessential growth and regeneration of muscle cells. As source of amino acids, they are responsible for stimulating growth hormone (tryptophan, arginine, lysine and tyrosine) which serves growth in children and in adults serves the muscle and tissue regeneration. That is why a diet that includes increasing or maintaining muscle mass, passes to ensure an appropriate, proportionate and safe protein intake. But ... the better the animal or plant? In nutrition, the conclusion about the quality of the protein source is that the origin is not determining whether the combination is successful. The animal protein, with egg white as a reference, are the most complete and best biological value. However, the vegetable proteins are equivalent in quality if properly combined food sources: legumes and cereals or nuts and grains. This evidence reinforces the recommendations of the WHO moderate intake of meat and further increase the consumption of vegetable protein.

Nuts and seeds whole or cream: The daily handful of nuts can be toggled with toasted bread or cereal cakes spread with natural nut butters. They come in different flavors (hazelnut, almond, tahini or sesame cream, among others) and make a food with a very successful combination -Dry fruits and cereals, so the appetizer in addition to quench becomes a source extra quality protein.

Combo plate: Carbohydrate + protein Numerous medical studies and scientific find that in the development of muscle mass, carbohydrates are as important as proteins, because they increase blood insulin. This hormone also to manage blood glucose levels (glucose) it has anabolic function, ie participates in the growth and development of muscle and other body tissues. Therefore, when it comes to achieving weight increase based on muscle, it should be combined in major outlets, or at least in the pre-take physical exercise, foods rich in carbohydrates with protein-rich. Combined before or during exercise help muscle formation, and if taken after training or doing some physical activity glycogen recovery is favored and loss of muscle protein is prevented.

Vitamins: Keys into gear Vitamins are essential nutrients themselves while the body, mostly can not synthesize (and those that it does, the amount is not enough to meet the needs). In addition, the specificity makes vitamins necessary for certain bodily functions. Vitamin B1 is needed in the metabolic pathway to optimize the production of energy from carbohydrates, and vitamin B2 does the same proteins. Foods that are a source of vitamins paths are: whole grains and legumes, as well as lean meats and egg white.

More exercise, more muscle
Diet is an essential pillar in the healthy weight gain. But not enough. The combination of diet and exercise make the perfect tandem to achieve that purpose. To increase muscle mass and continuing regular physical exercise is essential. It is the way to train the muscle. The combination of resistance exercise (walking, cycling ...) and strength in the body create an anabolic state of muscles. This results in an increase in size due to increased function. Muscle mass accumulation resulting from increased protein synthesis.
Dietary issue is more than demonstrated that eating a diet rich in protein or supplementing the diet with proteins or amino acids does not lead to any major or healthy increase in muscle mass. Therefore, supplementation should only be done under certain circumstances (increased needs for health, intense exercise training ...) and always under the supervision of a specialist. In short: more exercise, more muscle, not to mention proper nutrition.

Fat or Thin is not important, How healthy you are now!
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