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Insurance tips for hiring safe work

Speaking of labor insurance , from work to develop investment and many more are different circumstances by contracting.
Speaking of insurance business , both work to develop as a liability (individually or collectively), economic investment, the risk of accident and many more are different circumstances by contracting to be a businessman, one autonomous or professional . Since each of these figures has its peculiarities and circumstances, we will offer a small personalized advice, dedicated to each of these sectors, in order to take out insurance.

SME entrepreneurs

Let's start with the entrepreneurs of SMEs . A sector in which many-about 40% - not yet committed to hiring a safe, motivated by saving a risky practice that endangers their investment, heritage and way of life. The first advice would be as basic as making an effort in hiring a policy to secure and minimize the effect of future problems that may arise.

The basic insurance covers the costs caused by fire, vandalism, weather phenomena ... but it does not hurt to err on other possibilities: machinery breakdown and electronic equipment, lost profits, robberies and even infidelity employees. Each case is different, and we must try to make a proper assessment of what is important, what is important and what is dispensable insure. And, if deemed appropriate, hire a corporate multi-risk insurance , which will protect the company in almost any circumstance,

It is advisable to have the support of an insurance consultant , whose work will help the employer to conduct an assessment of the risks facing your company, compare offers from insurers and choose what best suits the needs of the company (both management and employees, which should not be forgotten).

Speaking of employees, please have them into account when hiring an insurance for SMEs . First, being aware of the collective agreement in force to find out which insurance requires us to hire and which are not. The accident insurance workers not usually high when there is forced recruitment, and even some employers are committed to hiring a private health insurance for them, which helps security staff and offers tax advantages.

An insurance that you provide technical support or legal defense, liability insurance while not mandatory, perform a risk analysis or meet the specificities of each sector (agricultural, industrial, construction, etc ...) in insurance matters are some of the many tips that can be offered to employers before hiring an insurance SMEs. Beyond that, common sense of the steering will be your best ally when you purchase a policy.

Self insurance

Now for the collective self, which to begin to remember that they can deduct part of the insurance contract. It is important, therefore, for independent know which ones are deductible (life, health, car) in undertaking a better planning for your business. Also, in case you have to charge to contract workers, consider deductions arising from insurance contracts for them.

This sector is somehow weaker, because generally more exposed to risk situations that the entrepreneur and professional. One of the main threats of this group is the disease. Low for this reason his work left completely unprotected and can damage-much the project and the business, since each self or a sole proprietorship that rests on a single pillar or part of a project with other partners or account with few employees . It is therefore recommended hiring a private health insurance, in order to better balance work and health care and to avoid long waits for medical care. It should also be noted that private health care often has an interesting tax treatment for self.

It is also advisable to take out insurance or sick leave allowance , as well as an autonomous disease can have any mishap or accident that causes him to cease trading in or significant period of time. This will maintain a certain level of income to minimize the economic loss caused by the forced break.

Insurance for Professionals

Finally, with regard to the professionals, as well as being aware of the collective agreement if we hire some forces such as accident insurance for the employees-is also advisable to cover himself against possible erroneous actions, voluntary or involuntary, of these. It can be done by liability insurance, which regulates the system of remedial financial compensation for damages caused to third parties.

With such insurance professionals on the one hand protect the heritage both personally and for your business and the other placed in the hands of specialists a possible legal defense.

Choose Business Insurance, make your company grow up!

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