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Makeup Children: Tips and precautions

The facial makeup, hair sprays or fantasy lenses can cause allergic reaction, eczema or conjunctivitis.
Shadows, nail polish, acetone, lipstick... Many little love makeup: girls, more like a game; children, carnival and Halloween. And often parents buy these products in non-specialized shops or bazaars, regardless of the risks. But, is it safe to use? Can cause allergies in children? This article will provide recommendations for use on child makeup tips to apply and lists problems that can cause skin and eyes. It also addresses when it is considered appropriate that girls begin to apply makeup.

In recent years, face painting for children at parties, birthdays or Halloween has become habitual. They love it. Although most of the stains are harmless and are specifically formulated for young audiences, can cause adverse reactions in the skin, hair and eyes, so you must be very careful to acquire and use, although this is occasionally and briefly.

Makeup children: recommendations for use

What to consider when children use makeup? In children with sensitive skin ( atopic ), infant makeup can irritate and cause skin allergies, and tweens and teens with acne , make up, by occluding the pore, can cause worsening of acne, warns Eulàlia Baselga, pediatric dermatólolga and medical director of the dermatology clinic Dermik of Barcelona.

The situation changes when makeup is used by longer to camouflage any skin disease such as vitiligo. "In some cases, use makeup to hide these color changes can improve the psychological impact involved. To do this, you use dermatological tested and designed for this purpose make-up, and is the dermatologist who should advise the most suitable product and guide on the application form, "added the specialist.
is not recommended regular use of nail polish and acetone in children
And what will happen with nail polish and acetone? Can employ smaller without problem? Generally, "the nail polishes contain significant amount of chemicals that may cause allergic contact dermatitis in children, and the use of acetone is not recommended because it dries out the nail plate. While it can be used in a timely manner, it is not advisable the usual nail polish job at this age, "warns Dr. Baselga, who is also chief physician of pediatric dermatology unit of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau in Barcelona.

Tips to make up a child's skin

For this specialist, it is important to use safe products purchased in a pharmacy or quality seal, as these may cause fewer allergic reactions. Also advised to avoid the use of very fatty products or excessive makeup and their daily use. "We need to be aware of early signs of skin irritation as they are redness, eczema, swelling or itching and, if present, discontinue use," he advises.

Children with acetic trend or atopic skin are more likely to develop this type of reaction, "so it is necessary to start up slowly. Additional there should be taught carefully remove it with soap, water or micellar cleansing milk allergen "he insists. "And, to prevent infection, it is best not to share cosmetics," says the Dr. Baselga.

Makeup harmful effects on children's skin

The main problems that can cause skin makeup products in the skin of the youngest are contact dermatitis such as allergic -if be sensitized or be allergic to any of the products containing the stains and varnishes her nails, the irritant irritant nature itself -for a substance-, or contact urticaria . "Contact dermatitis manifests as eczema or red areas of skin, formation of small vesicles, swelling and itching," says the specialist. The intensity with which appears depends on the degree of individual irritability; however, irritated or very dry skin, it will be much more sensitive.

The dermatologist suggests that once there has been an allergic reaction, it is necessary to remove the product and prevent future use. Given a reaction to soothe the itching must moisturize skin without color or smell-creams, but also helpful apply compresses or wet cloths to the affected skin; if not appropriate, topical corticosteroids should be used low power for short periods and oral antihistamines. The pediatrician or dermatologist will recommend the most suitable product in each case.

Watch your eyes!

Facial makeup and hair sprays are, of all the products, the most widely used in Carnival or Halloween parties. They can also cause allergic reactions, conjunctivitis and even corneal injury . Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly ensure that the products have passed quality control.

Still, we must be very careful. Examples include the fantasy lenses that do not meet the same criteria as corrective lenses and may cause eye problems.

Parents, fundamental role

Regularly use makeup at a young age can promote or enhance the development of acne
It is up to the parents to check the label of the products used and discard those that, in the labeling, all the components of children's cosmetics are not described. This becomes more important if the child suffers from atopic dermatitis or sensitive skin, because they are more likely to have any of the described skin reactions. In these cases, it is best not settle for "dermatological tested" rigor and consulting with a specialist. However, it is advised to always keep the package or container, and that, in any skin reaction, you will find it useful to have specialist product information.

Arriving at the preadolescence or adolescence , it is inevitable that girls want to start makeup. Although it is difficult to establish which is the most suitable age, it is best that father-daughter talk about the topic, discuss why they want to do and set limits on the situations in which its use is permitted. Usually, at this stage of life that acne arises, makeup can enhance or increase the development of blackheads and pimples. For this reason, "we must choose fat-free makeup and always better than loose powder makeup fluid. The compact makeup is the most advised, because they are fatty," says Eulalia Baselga.

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