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Prevention is the best insurance against serious diseases

Prevention is the best For those who have certain diseases, health is everything. Precisely because of the lack of good health. And more with the constant evolution of certain diseases such as cancer, heart disease and neural. And future projections. All this can make you appreciate hire a health insurance.

Prevention is key

Currently it is true that there are many toppings aimed at cancer patients per year are diagnosed more than 200,000 people from some form of cancer. For its severity and incidence, among the most important diseases in Spain are not only different types of cancer but also heart disease, cardiovascular, and diabetes.

By taking out private health insurance you should think that this should not only assist in the moment in which the disease to make forward or cure is developed. Especially to help prevent and detect it early. The prevention is one of the main prescriptions are now dispensed insurance companies.

Prevention is the best cure. And this happens to adopt habits of healthy living s. It is not impossible to make changes. Nothing that can not be done with a little will. Quitting smoking can be one of the best decisions you can make. Also leave a sedentary lifestyle and have some physical activity as moderate walking every day or do some sport like swimming.

Back to the Mediterranean diet is a success, leaving sugary drinks and taking them only occasionally, bakery products or red meat. And replace them with water (you know, 1.5 liters of water a day), legumes, 5 pieces of fruit, vegetables, dairy, grains, beans, fish, eggs, lean meats, is very simple ...

Not only prevention

In addition to the emphasis on prevention by insurance companies, the actual policies typically cover such recourse to a second opinion, with international level. Before coming to have a decisive diagnosis, and therefore the treatment, a number of medical visits and tests that are covered under the coverage of health insurance for a second professional opinion to assess.

And later if necessary, take care of hospitalization , surgery and certain possible special treatments as well as legal assistance and counseling among others., or travel assistance coverages As you hire.

The health insurance will provide the ability to perform diagnostic tests for early detection , for both cancer and other serious diseases. And, along with prevention they are the best guidelines to enjoy and have a quiet life.
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