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Sugarless drinks can also cause tooth decay

Many people believe that sugar-free drinks pose less danger to the teeth. However, Australian researchers have found that they can cause tooth decay at similar levels to the sugary drinks.

Dental caries is caused by acid which dissolve the enamel layer covering the tooth. Bacteria in the mouth consume sugar and carbohydrates to produce acids which lead to corrosion. Therefore, the consumption of sweet foods increases the chances of dental problems.

Conducted at the University of Melbourne, Australia, the study compared 23 different types of beverages, with and without sugar, in 70 human molars and found a statistically insignificant difference in decay rates.

The drinks were tested in two groups. First, the researchers compared 15 beverages available in Australian schools. Among the beverages sold to students with and without sugar, all caused tooth decay, except for milk. Then the researchers compared Coke , water and various types of sports drinks. The Coca-Cola by far caused a further deterioration in the tooth, while the water was the least damaged analyzed molars. Gatorade , Powerade , and Staminade in liquid and powder form, also caused cavities. The exceptions were Sukkie and Endura , which had a high calcium content and did not affect the teeth.

The researchers suggest that sugary beverages, especially acidic, are exchanged for water as often as possible, and should pay attention to the ingredients - the citric and phosphoric acids are those that can cause more cavities.

Love your foods, take care your tooth!

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