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The Best Time Deposits

The best term deposits that banks are now offering to those who have accumulated some money and want to invest, are deposits for short and excellent rates of return periods.

Ideal for time deposits term, under current circumstances, should be 6 months, because on the one hand, will allow to see the evolution of the economy and the ECB likely to raise rates by another at maturity banks seek to negotiate an even more attractive rate.

In order to build customer loyalty and not let out for the competition, which effectively is also profitable for the bank in terms of image and value of time deposits amounts.

We seek to present the best offers on the market based on the term and amount. But our information gathered from reliable sources do not release full consultation with the respective financial institutions.

It is also important to remember that the maximum covered by the deposit guarantee fund until December 31, 2011 is 100 thousand euros per holder.

Receive Advance Interest

Open your first bank account at Banco Best and earn interest on your checking account the next day to the constitution of the term deposit. already confirm all the advantages:
  • Guaranteed capital
  • Deposits 2,500 € to 50,000 €
  • Rate of 5% (TANB) 90 days
  • Exclusive promotion to new private clients
This deposit does not give the possibility of early mobilization.

Solutions More Attractive What We found Market

If you want to invest for a short period with a high rate (4% for 3 months, the deposit Blue period, Banco Best is the best solution for you.

In addition to the interest being high, this deposit is payable at the beginning of the term, ie, interest is credited to you account on the day the establishment of the same, being available soon.

This deposit has the following characteristics:
  1. Available to new customers, with amounts between € 2,500 and € 50,000;
  2. Does not allow the early amortization;
  3. guaranteed principal and interest (a deposit is the traditional term, the difference between the interest payable at the beginning of the period).
For time deposits over long periods 6 and 12 months (the best found) in the market it was:

1. Investor with € 7,500 to invest 6 months (new customer to the bank)

Start saving (Active Bank) = 3.75%

2. Investor with € 7.500 to invest 12 months (new customer to the bank)

Start saving (ActivoBank) = 4%

To submit these conclusions the following banks were analyzed: BCP, BES, Best, CGD, Banif, Caixa Galicia, agricultural credit, Deutsche Bank, People 's Bank, Barclays, BBVA, BPN, Montepio ActivoBank, BPI, Santander.
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